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Equality for All


In a state that touts the motto, “Mountaineers are always free.”, it is absolutely unacceptable that members of the LGBTQ community can still legally be kicked out of their homes and fired from their jobs because of who they love or how they identify. If elected, I am absolutely committed to signing on and joining the effort to immediately pass statewide non-discrimination legislation to see to it that no West Virginian is ever discriminated against simply for loving who they love or being who they are. 

West Virginia is home to some of the strongest, most resourceful women on Earth, yet in the workplace, they earn 71 cents for every dollar paid to men for doing the exact same job. For women of color, pay disparities are even greater. I wholeheartedly support the Equal Pay Act and if the citizens of the 59th District elect me to represent them in Charleston, I will sign on as a co-sponsor my first day in office.

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